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I have been practicing midwifery since 1999, working in various hospitals and clinics.  I currently practice midwifery with Genesis as my main birthing clinic. I have practicing rights at Garden City Clinic, Oxford Rd Day Clinic, Brenthurst Clinic and Parklane Hospital and utilize these hospitals as the emergency back-up hospitals.

I work closely with Obstetricians, Doulas, Chiropracs, Homeopaths, Herbalists, Reflexologists, Acupuncturists, Psychologists, and Paediatricians and believe in a multi-disciplinary approach.  I also practice as a senior fertility sister at the BioART Fertility Clinic.

Experience & Qualification:

I am a registered Nurse and Fertility Nursing Sister, Nurse Educator and Advanced Midwife.

Qualifications in: General Nursing, Community Health Nursing, Psychiatry, Midwifery. Additional qualifications include pain therapy, anaesthetic, theatre training, BCG Immunization, HIV counselling and Aromatherapy & massage.

Professional contributions

I occasionally do guest appearances on television, SABC, E-TV, (Great Expectations) and assist in articles related to birth in magazines i.e. Living & Loving, Mammas & Pappas, and TIMES. I have appeared as a guest on SABC health talks, internationally- for the Faith History show, and on radio - Radio Islam talk show.

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